OXO Choper & Scrapper

A handy blade for dividing dough and scraping surfaces.

Jan – march, 2012
Oxo / Smart Design Worldwide

The Project :

The OXO Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Scraper & Chopper is a great tool for portioning and scraping dough, as well as lifting cookies from a cookie sheet, cutting brownies and chopping firm vegetables like celery. Convenient measurement markings allow you to evenly section dough for baking.

I worked on this project while holding an intern industrial designer position at the Smart Design agency based in New York City.

Behind the scene

While being part of the Smart Design studio, we conducted a lot of researches, mockups experimentations and product testings to end-up with what we thought to be the perfect handle shape.

This is part of the strong Smart Design user-centered process where user is at the center of every project.

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