MORTEIN Naturguard

Who doesn’t love an easy, automatic insect protection?

Reckitt benckiser – Mortein
DCA Design International
Images : Courtesy of DCA Design International & Mortein

The Project :

Mortein Automatic Adjustable releases regular bursts of mist containing Citronella extract and with plant based active ingredient to continuously keep your home protected from flying and crawling insects, for around-the-clock protection from crawling and flying insects. Over 24 hours, the system emits no more than a 3 – 4 second burst of regular fly spray. (The system also contains synthetic ingredients.)

I worked on this project while holding an industrial designer position at DCA Design International based in Warwick, UK.

Product available at and many other stores.

Behind the scene

This product has been designed as an upgrade of the aging previous auto-spray diffuser.

The chalenge was to improve the usability and footprint of the main body while keeping the existing internal mechanism.

Here are a glimpse of the design process conducted at DCA design International.

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