OXO Icing Spatula

Make icing a piece of cake.

Jan – march, 2012
Oxo / Smart Design Worldwide

The Project :

The OXO Bent Icing Knife features a sturdy, flexible, stainless steel blade. The bent blade elevates your hand to ensure adequate clearance above frosted surfaces, while the soft,
non-slip handle rests comfortably in your hand.

I worked on this project while holding an intern industrial designer position at the Smart Design agency based in New York City.

> Available at Amazon.com, Target stores and OXO.com

Wish I’d bought this sooner

Very easy to handle


Behind the scene

While being part of the Smart Design studio, we conducted a lot of researches, mockups experimentations and product testings to end-up with what we thought to be the perfect handle shape.

This is part of the strong Smart Design user-centered process where user is at the center of every project.

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