The Incredible School Bag

An innovative school bag at an incredible price.

Carrefour Group
Carrefour Global Sourcing Hong Kong
Carrefour Design group
Arthur SENANT : Design Management
Edouard GUESNE : Product design & development.
Tiffany CHENG : Packaging design, pack development & CMF follow-up

The Project :

Kids backpacks haven’t evolved for years, Here at carrefour we thought this was a perfect opportunity to modernise this market by bringing innovative features for both the kids and the parents.

Our biggest ambition was to create a backpack appealing to both the parents and the children.
For the parents : give the promise of a bag that will last through the years, has ergonomic & safety features. All-in-all for a super affordable price
For the children : provide children the opportunity to update the facings at their wish years after years. To do so we designed an innovative multi-facing feature.

All in all the school backpack is :
-Ergonomic: it promotes comfort and safety for the child, thanks to its comfortable back foam, wide and adjustable straps.
-Functional: The child will stay organized thanks to multiple spacious compartments for easy storage of school supplies.
-Durable: It is designed to last and comes with a 5 years warranty.
-Customizable: The child will be able to update and customize his backpack trough the years thanks to the 39 faces design.
-Safe: Thanks to many reflective element the child will be visible at night on his way to school.

Overall This concept has been designed with the wish to consume better, longer, and to reduce unnecessary waste thanks to a durable and versatile construction.

Product available here and in all Carrefour stores around the world.

I worked on this project while holding a lead industrial designer position at Carrefour Global Sourcing in Hong-Kong.

Behind the scenes

[editing in progress]

Here is a glimpse of the end-to-end design process conducted at Carrefour Global Sourcing Asia Ltd..

The lightbulb moment

It all started form a post-it Idea.
Drawing credit : Carrefour design group

Market analysis
Usage scenario

transformation of consumers’ insight into a innovative purchase & usage scenario.
Illustration credit : Arthur SENANT


From doodles to the final concept.
Drawing credit : Edouard GUESNE


We brought the concept to life by working closely with our industrial partners. We played with the structure, fabric foldings, stitching, accessories, CMF, artworks, printing & cost control.

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