POSS BTS31 speaker

A Perfectly Portable Audio Pod.

Carrefour Group
Carrefour Global Sourcing Hong Kong
Arthur SENANT : Design Management
Edouard GUESNE : Product design & development
Tiffany CHENG : Packaging design & pack development

The Project :

POSS BTS31 is a portable audio solution that proves sometimes less is more! The simplified design is free of frill, reduced to the speaker unit, power/audio inputs and Bluetooth connectivity. All the essentials to get you you grooving in seconds! Compact without sacrificing quality, it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand which means you can take your tunes just about anywhere you go!

POSS is a Carrefour private label for audio and video Equipement
Product available in all Carrefour stores around the world.

I worked on this project while holding an industrial designer position at Carrefour Global Sourcing in Hong-Kong.

Behind the scenes

This product has been designed to set the basics of the future POSS audio range.

We have conducted an end-to-end process from ideation to production

Here are a glimpse of the design process conducted at Carrefour Global Sourcing Asia Ltd..

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