POSS Clock Radio Range

An optimisation of the tooling investment for a smaller FOB!

Carrefour Group
Carrefour Global Sourcing Hong Kong
Arthur SENANT : Design Management
Edouard GUESNE : Product design, development & video animation
Tiffany CHENG : Packaging design & pack development
Pauline PEROL : Visual design

The Project :

In our range of audio products, the clock radio project was our opportunity to update our product family and carry on the unique design language introduced in our Bluetooth speakers designed in 2016. In addition to a trendier appearance, the clock radios are optimized for cost and all only use one tooling, sharing a base form! Indeed with 1 tooling, 2 sliders, some fabric and a clever inner construction; we are able to propose 3 trendy products designed from scratch at a very competitive FOB price. 1 basic clock, 1 step up with fabric warping and USB and 1 clock with time projection.

POSS is a Carrefour private label for audio and video Equipement
Product available in all Carrefour stores around the world.

I worked on this project while holding an industrial designer position at Carrefour Global Sourcing in Hong-Kong.

We have centered our project around one question: How can we optimize our products to make them as cost effective as possible through design? Our answer came with the optimization of the tooling; or using the same base design for different tiers of the product. As you may know, depending on your quantities, the cost of injection tooling is high; it represents a significant percentage of the FOB. If we wanted each product of the range to have the lowest FOB price as possible we had to increase the volume per tooling.

Based on this, our idea consisted of working on consolidating production quantities by finding a way to propose a range of products that would share the same exact tooling.

Playing with tooling sliders and a modular inner construction, we managed to propose a set of different features and finishing for each product of the family.

Here we are with 1 tooling, 2 sliders, some fabric and a clever inner construction; we have created a family of 3 products designed from scratch at a very competitive FOB price.

The basic PSCR09: This is the entry-level product of the family; it is straight out of the tooling.  The LED display is hidden and lights up through the black casing of the product.

The step-up PSCR12: By using the same casing as the PSCR09, we are able to propose a step-up version for a low additional cost. It carries a bigger LED display and comes nicely wrapped with our signature fabric. A slider in the tooling allows us to create an opening on the casing to add the USB charging feature. These adjustments give a trendy upgrade to the product.

The projection PSCR15: In the same principle, we used again the same casing as the PCSR09 & PSCR12 and add the clock projection lens thanks to a 2nd slider in the tooling. This feature projects the time to the ceiling of your bedroom.


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