Mandine Raclette Duo-Link

Double the fun!

Carrefour Group
Carrefour Global Sourcing Hong Kong
Arthur SENANT : Project Management
Edouard GUESNE : Product design & development

The Project :

The Raclette appliance is a mysterious product for most of us but a top sale product in France, the mother country of Carrefour. If you are not familiar with the raclette, it consists of melting slices of cheese to then spread them on top of delicatessen. Yummy!

The Mandine DUO-LINK Raclette is a modular device designed to be placed at the center of the table. In contrast with the classic 8-persons raclette device, this product has the feature of being split into two 4-persons devices. This innovative feature is an answer to new behaviors in the kitchen: people are less attracted by bulky/all-in-1 products; they prefer compactness, modularity and flexibility. It is the perfect companion to your raclette party! You are a family of 4: use one device and save space on your table. Friends are coming over for dinner? Connect the second device directly onto the first one and you are all set! The second advantage is once the two devices are connected to one another, the set adapts to different table shapes so the raclette stays in a reachable distance to every single guest.
Furthermore, the two handles have been designed to stay as far as possible from the heat source while minimizing the bulkiness of the Raclette.

Mandine is a Carrefour private label for small and medium kitchen appliances.
Product available here & all Carrefour stores in France and Belgium.

I worked on this project while holding an industrial designer position at Carrefour Global Sourcing in Hong-Kong.

Behind the scenes

This product has been designed to ease the user when using this device with friends and family but also to comply with strong Safety regulation due to the heat proximity.

The two handles have been designed to stay as far as possible from the heat source while minimizing the bulkiness of the Raclette. Thinking about safety issues in the first stage of our design process allowed us to reduce the risks of quality tests being rejected during the final phase of development and thus make sure we were going to stick to the planning. On top of the safety feature, the handles carry a strong visual identity that makes the device easy to recognize in stores.   

Regarding space optimization, the DUO-link raclette comes with cooking accessories that are easy to store underneath the appliance.

Here is a glimpse of the end-to-end design process conducted at Carrefour Global Sourcing Asia Ltd..

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